In case of one or more teeth missing the implant supported dental restorations can be reliable and affordable solution for the most of the patients.

Dental implants serve as a substitute for missing teeth roots forming osseo integrated foundation for future restorative procedures. Dental implants stimulate the integrity of the jaw bone help to prevent bone loss and so maintain the facial structures unchanged .Also the use of dental implants preserve the healthy teeth adjacent to edentulous area from grinding them down for the future bridge restoration placement.

In case of implant supported denture restoration the prosthesis will be reliably secured significantly increasing the variety of food choices, enabling proper speaking and chewing. By the other words it will dramatically improve your quality of life. More details ->

We operate customized in house dental laboratory

Short terms * Top quality * Low cost


  • Complete dentures

    need to be placed in case when all teeth are missing
  • Partial denture

    to replace one and /or more missing teeth
  • Acrylic partial denture

    Wrought wire clasps for retention * Acrylic denture base (consider transitional )
  • Partial cast frame dentures

    Cast frame serves as reinforcement for the denture base , stabilize the whole structure. Cast metal clasps together with occlusal rests help to achieve denture retention and stability
  • Immediate denture

    Placed at the same moment of extraction of the teeth. Helps to maintain patients appearance speech and mastication. Preserve the bone and enhance healing process.
  • Partial resident flexible denture (valplast or flexite)

    * virtually invisible * unbreakable * non-allergic * metal free * light weight
    This type of denture may be considered as alternative treatment to fix restoration (crown and bridges) due to: low cost, high esthetics, healthy teeth.
    Shouldn't be ground to fix the bridge in place.

 *  Accepting all dental plans *

  • Denture repair

    In most of cases can be completed on the spot the same day.
  • Denture reline

    Strongly recommended to re adjust your old ill-fitting denture for changed shape of the gum.
    In many cases can avoid new denture fabrication.
  • Soft liner alternative

    The layer of soft material acting as a cushion between the hand denture surfaces and the gums.
  • Anti-snoring appliances

    The device that will help to prevent both serious problems for the patient and inconveniences for their loved ones.
  • Athletic mouth guards

    To protect the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue from trauma to prevent concussions and jaw fractures.
  • Teeth whitening

    Fight your teeth discoloration and restore the confidence of your smile by using simple and cost efficient custom madedelivery system.

Up to 20% discount for retired and low-income individuals

*No up front cost * Convenient finance services


  • Oral Surgery

    * Teeth extraction
    * Pain free treatment
  • White fillings

    We use only white (composite) fillings matching the shade of the teeth.
    We are mercury free office.

 *  Accepting all dental plans *

  • Dental hygiene

    Teeth cleaning cervices and prophylaxis for periodontal diseases.
  • Restorative dentistry

    * Crown and Bridges * Replacing missing and restoring badly damaged teeth with PFM ( porcelain fused to metal) or all porcelain crown and bridges.
  • Emergency Case

    If you need a doctor urgently outside of clinic opening hours or for emergency service call us:  647-294-3310.

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  • Mobile services

    We provide house call service and help the patients at their homes, in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

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Oskar you are marvelous. I was so nervous and wanted to run ,however , your empathy and kindness kept me there. You have excellent people skills. You listened to me about my concerns , which resulted in your crafting the perfect set of dentures.

In our office we use digital x-ray. Up to 90% decrease in radiation exposure