Implant surgical placement as low as 900 $

Most of the potential candidates for dental implant treatment acquired about the widespread stereotypes such as:

"Although extremely overpriced, dental implants will solve all your problems once and forever",
"It will cost a fortune; dental implants are an unaffordable luxury" ...

Dear patients, together we will separate the truth from the misleading fears.

Implant retained crown for 1500 $ only!

First let's talk money - the most painful issue in dentistry.

Generally speaking the cost of dental implant treatment is a very complicated issue. Our expenses unfortunately are very high and have a tendency to rise constantly.

Companies manufacturing implant parts, components and armamentarium charge very high price for their products.

Dental laboratory costs for implant supported crowns, bridges and dentures are several times higher compared to conventional dental restorations.

The fees for implant related professional education courses are overpriced and permanently growing up.

2 implant supported lower denture for 2800 $

How can we become affordable and stay reliable in the same time?

To be more price compatible we decided to reduce the cost of materials and components by buying larger stocks in discounted prices (20% discount)

The high dental laboratory cost was significantly decreased by operating small customized in house dental laboratory. It saves up to 60% to the end consumer

When one dental office places the implants and another restores the missing teeth, patient pays double the price. WE ARE DIFFERENT!

 * We perform both implant placement and restore missing teeth under one roof further reducing the cost of treatment. *

We operate customized in house dental laboratory, that saves up to 60% to the end consumer.

In conclusion one more very important point:

We are ready to decrease our profit, to certain percent in each separate case, to become more attractive for our patients, increasing number of satisfied customers and eventually become more profitable.

For the patient who decides to start dental implant treatment we can set up a payment plan. As it takes a few months to complete all the procedures, patients can easily pay by installments.

Additional discount can be provided for combined and high cost cases. Also convenient finance services with 0% can be a solution.
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November special: 4 implant supported upper denture without palate for 3500 $